TeloEX rapidly extends telomeres

TeloEX is nucleoside-modified mRNA encoding telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT). Delivery of TeloEX to cells transiently increases telomerase activity (1-2 days), during which telomeres are rapidly extended. After the brief treatment, the extended telomeres resume shortening at their normal rate, important for safety. TeloEX extends telomeres in days by an amount sufficient to reverse over a decade of telomere shortening in vivo. TeloEX treatment increases proliferative capacity of cells in a dose-dependent manner.

TeloEX in action

Improving survival of cancer patients

CAR T-cell therapy is currently the only cure for refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and showing exciting results in other cancers including ALL and B-cell lymphomas, with over 80 CAR T-cell clinical trials underway.  Short telomeres limit CAR T-cell persistence, limiting anti-cancer activity, and in a human xenograft mouse model telomere extension extends CAR T-cell persistence and survival (Bai, 2015).  TeloEX is the current best method of extending telomeres with several advantages: it is fast, transient, and hypoimmunogenic.  For refractory CLL 4-year survival is only 57% even with CAR T-cell therapy, and our goal is to increase this to over 90% survival, using the modified ex vivo CAR T-cell expansion procedure shown below.  The TeloEX treatment only takes minutes and the electroporation procedure has high viability and transfection efficiency, >70% in both cases.

Applying TeloEX to CAR T-cell therapy


Ramunas, J., Yakubov, E., Brady, J. J., Corbel, S. Y., Holbrook, C., Brandt, M, Stein, J., Santiago, J.G., Cooke, J.P. and Blau, H.M. (2015). Transient delivery of modified mRNA encoding TERT rapidly extends telomeres in human cells. The FASEB Journal 29(5):1930-1939 PMC4415018.


Partnering inquiries are welcome. The mission of Rejuna is to develop TeloEX for CAR therapies and more generally rapid dissemination of TeloEX-based telomere extension for immunorejuvenation.  Exclusive worldwide licensing is available.  Please email .

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Rejuna was founded by the Stanford University co-inventors of TeloEX-based telomere extension, clinicians, and business experts. Rejuna is growing and welcomes inquiries from potential new team members.